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Fanfic: Diving into the Wreck (NaruSasu, WIP)

Title: Diving into the Wreck
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naru/Sasu (main)
Genres: Drama, romance, slice of life (AU)
Rated: M
Summary: Sasuke was a little bit damaged, and Naruto was a sucker for that. Or: in which Sasuke is the sort of guy you could give the world to and he'd still want to jump off of a bridge, and Naruto makes a valiant attempt to stop that from happening. 

LINKS: DW journal Part 1 & Part 2 /

A/N: Comments are much appreciated. ♥ I haven't written for this fandom in ages... literally over a year, but I'm sort of 'in like' with this work. Also, I know it's a freaking AU, but I get way too attached to my Japanese life in San Fran AUs. ;-; Expect canon works soon too.