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YamaSai Day: April 15

What is Yamasai Day?
YamaSai Day is a semi-annual celebration of the relationship between Yamato and Sai from the series Naruto. It's a fun event where everyone can express their love for the pairing in any way they want. We celebrate on April 15th and October 2nd; if you're a fan of these two characters and enjoy the relationship between them please join us!

Interested? Here's some ways you can participate:

  - Fan Fictions

  - Fan Art

  - Cosplay

  - Graphics

  - Role plays

  - Powerpoints

  - Fanmixes

But there is no limit to what you can post. No idea is too big or too small. A simple text post on why you love the pairing would suffice, as long as you're expressing it in a positive way that doesn't hurt anyone. Reminder: Please no character/pairing bashing. Let's make this a fun day for everyone.

Posting and Tagging
Once you're done, post anywhere and everywhere that suits your fancy! Don't forget to tag your beautiful contribution as yamasai day and yamasai where applicable, and be sure to drop a link here on the community if you don't post it here so we know where to find it.

Have any questions? Any suggestions?
Please feel free to comment to this post. You may also direct your questions to either myself by private message or to callmevolatile on Tumblr, who's done the lion's share of organizing this celebration. This is the yamasai community's first fan day so we're always open to suggestions. Please spread the word even if you don't plan on participating; we want to let everyone know so we can have the best turnout possible. If you're on Tumblr, please feel free to review and reblog the Promo Post. We're really looking forward to what you create!

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