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Téa ([personal profile] graychalk) wrote in [community profile] naruto2014-05-22 10:54 pm

Help on some fact checking please

Hi, I'm working on a fanfic and need a bit of help on fact checking. My memory is a bit fuzzy, especially regarding all the things that were revealed during the Fourth War (on top of skipping a lot of it...), so I'd appreciate some help please. I'm putting the three questions behind the cut, because there are SPOILERS regarding Tobi's real identity, Rin, and general Madara stuff.

1. When Obito attacked Konoha (the Kyuubi and Naruto's birth incident), was Madara already dead? My understanding is that Madara was already dead, but I couldn't find the confirmation one way or another.

2. Do we know how long it was (or at least the closest estimate) between the time Obito "died" and when Rin was killed and then Obito attacked Konoha during Naruto's birth?

3. Was it said for sure one way or another, whether Obito was the only person who could revive Madara? Could Zetsu do it on his own without Obito?

Thanks very much in advance for any help!

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