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fanfic: The Blessed Realm

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Sasuke/Naruto
Title: The Blessed Realm
Author: senior-witch/susanna (me)
Rating: M / R - from age sixteen
Genre: Romance, humor
wordcount 300k and growing

Summary: When Danzou becomes Hokage of Konoha Naruto has to leave the village. Sasuke, on the other hand, is forced by his team to find some legendary Blessed Realm. Both parties meet in a town that is familiar to us, but rather strange to our young ninjas, who suddenly find themselves confronted with modern world politics and modern world morality.

Warning: The story is extremely long, so here's some advice: The first half contains the romance, the second half (from chapter "not all powerful") is more about politics. Of course both are not clearly separated, as this is still one story, not two...

(At the moment I think that I will manage to keep the story below 150 chapters. Yep, I feel embarrassed about its length.)

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